Programs Offered

Current Programs

A. First Time Homebuyer Education Class

When you apply for Local/County/State mortgage programs, down payment assistance, or some lenders’ mortgage programs, you are required to complete the first time homebuyer (or homeownership) education class and obtain a certification. AAHC is in compliance with their requirements and we issue a certification at the completion of the class.

To attend our first time homebuyer education class, RSVP is required. Please click here to follow the instruction for RSVP!

B. Asset Building Circle (ABC)

This program will help people to set aside a small set amount of money (approximate $100) each month as a group activity, and receive a lump sum distribution at a set time (between $1000- $2000). This lump sum can be used for down payment on renting a home, paying for a U.S. citizenship application, getting a driver’s license, paying for job training such as obtaining a certification, or any other essential needs in building the basics of life. This is a no fee, no interest program for the participants. This program offers two very important wrap-around educational services, including basic training in financial management, savings and investments, mortgages, types of credit cards, scores and reports, insurance and taxes, financing for higher education, identity theft and overdraft protection on bank account. Furthermore, the participants’ monthly contribution history will be provided to three credit-reporting agencies in an effort to help build credit or improve their credit scores.

Download Application for Asset Building Circle

C. Rebuilding Credit & Assets


It’s always good to have an orderly financial picture and we can help you get there. AAHC provides various levels of resources to help you better understand what is needed to build credit and assets.



D. Home Savers


Home Savers is a foreclosure prevention program which helps homeowners who are delinquent on their HOA fee, condo fee, or property tax delinquent for senior homeowners.

Download Application for Home Savers Program


Programs Coming Soon

A. Single to Married, Married to Merrier

SMMM is a financial education program that helps prepare pre-married couples and currently married couples to better understand their current financial circumstances to gear them towards achieving the American dream of homeownership and to build a happier marriage. This program offers educational sessions on: money management, understanding and managing credit, and learning the steps to become a responsible homeowner.